Wednesday, 4 July 2018

New purchases, again!

The other day I had 10 minutes to spare before taking the bus home. Since I passed the book store, I thought I WILL JUST HAVE A QUICK LOOK. Well, it was quick but it also extended my TBR shelves with three new books. To my defence they were on sale; 50% and 70%. Not much to consider for a longer time. I quickly grabbed two non fiction and one fiction. I did not even miss the bus!

So, here are the three new additions to my shelves.

The Content Reader

This is a biography of August Strindberg, one of our great authors. He was very controversial and it is always interesting to see what new can be added. A free translation would be The Truth is Always Rude. It can go well with Strindberg I think.

The Content Reader

This is about Erasmus of Rotterdam. I don't know a lot about him and it seems like an interesting approach to his deeds.

The Content Reader

I have read two books by Ann Rosman before, and really liked them. They are crimis, taking place at the west coast of Sweden and always have a historical element in them, which I love.

All of them could be easy summer reading, unless I panic and want to finish some of my older books!

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