Changing blogging domain and site

Dear blogger friends,

Lately, I had a few problems with the Blogger web site for my blog The Content Reader. I took this as a sign that I should finally create a web site of my own. I have been checking out other options, but could not get my act together. Finally, I have managed to create a basic web site with Wix, which I hope will be developed over time.  It has not been easy to find my way around. One thing one can say about Blogger is that it is easy to work with. 

This site will no longer be updated

Follow me to my new domain @

Hope to see you there. 

Lisbeth @ The Content Reader


  1. glad you are still here. I tried to leave a comment there, but they ask me to sign in. which I won't do

  2. Is there an English version of the third installment of the Brinkmann trilogy by Alexander Söderberg. The first two were translated but I cannot find the third. Thanks.


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