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Four new books in my Library

As of January 1, 2013 I went into retirement. A new life lies ahead of me. Time for more blogging possibly! When I left I got a voucher from my colleagues for buying books. This is what I did this week. Bought four new books and have still some money to go. I was quite happy to find four quite different books. ' The Notebook ' by Nicolas Sparks,  which is an easy read. I finished it in a couple of hours. A fantastic love story (many tears from me as well). I happened to come into the middle of the film one evening and the little I saw made we want to buy this book. In all the misery in the world it is sometimes nice to just read a very nice, romantic love story. The second book which I am reading for the moment is more of a fantasy fiction book. ' The Left Hand of God ' by Paul Hoffman got fabulous reviews. Quite opposite to the first book you don't find that many nice people here. The beginning is very dark and reveals a hard life. Let's see wether there wi

Reading in 2012

Another year is gone. As far as reading is concerned it was a good year for me. A lot of new books and new experiences in sharing reading. Thanks for my friends Alex (The Sleepless Reader) and Patty (Three Tales of a City) (thank you for that) I got into blogging and created my own blog. Yet still in its first infancy but hope that 2013 will see it expand and grow. 2012 was the first year that I read and recorded the books. I have always been a vivid reader but it adds and extra touch to really note it down and from time to time write a review. Looking back on the 70 books I read last year I was lucky to read one of the best books just in the end of the year. It was a Christmas present for my son (yes, I am still trying to get him interested in reading!) but so far I am the only one who has read it. It is a book for youngsters but can be read by adults without any problems. It is an absolutely fantastic book by Ransom Rigg 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'.