Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wandering in the rain!

Helen, our guide
I think that Singing in the rain was probably more pleasant than this walk in the rain. We had booked a guided walk with Helen in Helen's Heritage Walks in Haworth, for a walk on the moors, in the foot steps of the Brontës. Unfortunately, this Friday morning saw dark clouds and heavy rain. Nevertheless, for a good cause and for something you have waited for a long time, what does a little rain matter?

My husband was quite surprised that I first of all happily left the bed rather early in the morning and secondly had nothing against a walk in the rain! I sometimes blame the weather when I don't want to go for a walk. I felt that nothing could stop me from going on this tour. I had prepared with good clothes, but not all of us had.

Helen was waiting for us in the lobby and we ventured out to fight the elements of nature. We passed the Parsonage and continued out on the moors, heading for the Brontë Waterfall as it is named today. The sisters used to make excursions to this place. We headed along the moor, out again on the road to finally enter the walking path leading to the Waterfall. By this time we were already quite soaked. On top of the rain was the wind, making the rain reach us horizontally straight into the face. It was rather chilly as well so it felt like ice hitting your face.

The Waterfall
Helen's guiding tour includes readings from Wuthering Heights or other readings connected to the Brontë and the moors. We did stop here and there and Helen had to keep the papers hard in hand otherwise they would fly away. She showed us a house, Spring Farm, that, at least partly, could give us a hint of how Wuthering Heights would have looked like, spread out on the deserted moor as it is. We continued to the Waterfall, which due to the rain, had quite a lot of water in it. Aren't we lucky!
Me on the Brontë Bridge

It is situated in a glade like open area. The waterfall flows down in another stream which is also fed from another source. It is all very pretty and enchanting. Ellen Nussey, a friend of Charlotte who visited the sisters frequently, has written a description of an excursion to the waterfall, which Helen read for us.

Me and Helen 

Considering the weather we did not feel like continuing up to Top Withens that day. Something to do next time we come. We went back in a rather quick pace. It was easier now since we had the wind in the back. Back in the village we thanked Helen for the tour, she had the proper clothes on! The rest of us went back to the hotel for a hot shower. It took two days for my watertight(!?) boots to dry. And now I have to buy new soles because they do not look like they used to do, sort of curly I would say.

The stone chair

Here is the famous rock that looks like a chair of stone. Legend has it that Emily and her sisters used to sit here. Maybe to get inspired in their writings? Who knows?

I must say looking at the pictures that it does not look that bad. But believe me, it was raining all the time.

The next day, Martin, my husband took the afternoon to walk up to Top Withens. The photos from there are from him. It was beautiful, with a fantastic view! Next time, did I say?

Top Withens with views!

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