Friday, 9 May 2014

A walk to the Bronte Waterfall

I don't think I have ever voluntarily gone out for a walk in a weather like this morning. But, we had planned a walk with Helen (in Helen's Heritage Walks) so there was no way back. We were a brave group of four who started the walk just behind the Parsonnage. It is a windy and rainy day and the drops felt at times like icicles in the face. It was not pleasant at all, but I was not giving up a walk on the moors, no matter what kind of weather. My husband was rather impressed since I always have an excuse not to go for a walk in the rain!

Since there was no sun (only occasionally) there is not too much light in the photos.

Helen took as along a small path, out into the moors, down to the road and over to the other side of the hill to follow the path to the waterfall. Very windy indeed here and we had to lean into the wind to go on. Our first stop was Spring farm which had been privately renovated. Here Helen read us a description from 'Wuthering Heights'. This was to show that this is how the house could have looked like, or part of it. It is probably made up of different houses.

On we went in the pouring rain, through the wonderful moors, part of them very green, full of sheep trying to find shelter from the wind by clinging to the stone walls. After a while the road descended through rocks and steps to a beautiful clearing, with a small stone bridge with the water coming over the rocks, continuing further down the ravine.

The Brontë bridge

We were full of admiration for the water feature when Helen tells us we missed the waterfall! There you go. It was just above us and there we saw more of a waterfall. Sorry, did not get a good picture of it.

From here you can go on to Top Withern, but it did not feel like it was a good idea at the time! We turned back, and went back to the hotel for a hot shower. Very nice. 

The moors are so beautiful, fantastic landscape. I must come back here another time and do some more walks.

I am posting these post with my iPad and I do not know exactly how to edit text and pictures. It might look a little bit strange so bear with me until I am computerised once more!

Look at the green colour!

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