Wednesday, 30 July 2014

TV-series and the books they are based on


I just read about a new TV-series which will be aired on 8 August, called Outlander. And saw the trailer. It looks very good and something I would like to see. Reading more thoroughly I realise that it is based on a series of very popular books by Diana Gabaldon. Reading further, I am a little bit shocked that I have never heard of it, as the first book came already in 1991. There seems to be 7 books so far. I don't know how I could have missed this, because it seems to be a story that I love. It starts with a time travel (of this I am not overfond, but so far it is ok in this book) and Claire, the heroine, is transferred from 1945 Scotland to 18th century Scotland. The second world war had just finished, but now she is transferred into even more violent times. Being a fan of historical fiction, I find it fascinating. I was brave to download all the books! The price was good. Yes, I know, it is a little bit of a game, not knowing if I would like it or not. Not all of these books are very well written. However, this book is. I have soon finished the first book, since I wanted to read it before watching the series. Have to check if the series is based on the first book only (I think so) or have to read the others before watching.

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels (True Blood)

It is not always, that series are following the original books very strictly, however, what I have read this one is, but it remains to be seen. One that doesn't although the books are lovely is the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris, made into a TV series called True Blood. I loved the books and the TV series. Well, at least until season 4, then everything went down the drain. I am watching now the 7th and last season (thank you) but it is really not much pleasure anymore.

I saw an interview with Alan Ball, the producer, who said that he was on a trip and had to stop for the night (luckily not in 'Hotel California'!) and found the first of Harris' books at a petrol station and went back to the hotel and read it directly. He just loved it and so the idea came up for the TV series. I had seen a couple of seasons of True Blood before I read the books. At the time there were 12 of them out, and by the time I finished the 12th there was only a week to wait for the 13th and last one! Unfortunately, I did not like the last one, although I loved all the other ones.

True Blood - only watching because of Northman
Alexander SkarsgÄrd!

Long series!

Long series, whether it is as a book or on TV, seems to be the word for the day. I am not entirely happy with too long series. I can understand the commercial impact for TV and writers, however, I find that if there is not a goal for the ending already in the beginning, things tend to just 'splash out'. It is nice to see and follow people in several books/films. They become your friends and you feel that you know them. However, I prefer to know that there are X number of books/films in the series, not to be 'watered out' too much. Three books or seasons are fine I find. I am therefore curious now to see how I find the seven books in Outlander series, and there seems to be a number eight this summer!

When I read other blogs, especially from younger people, there tends to be a big interest in series. Some read only series. What are your view on series? Do you read a lot? Anything to recommend?

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