Monday, 28 July 2014

Sanctuary by William Faulkner

This book popped up in Janet Flanner's articles of Paris as a book that was translated into French. It made me curious so I thought: "Hey, I have this on my TBR shelves"! So I grabbed it and finished it in a couple of days. I have never read anything by Faulkner, but seem to know that he is one of the great American writers. I must say I did not understand too much of this book. There were a lot of characters, mostly dialogue so no explanation who these people were. And new persons tended to pop up here and there. Ok, after a while you got a little bit more information on them flashbacks, but still...

Short summary: Someone dates an innocent school girl, gets drunk and brings her to a bootlegger's camp for whom he is working from time to time. There are a few, criminal character's around
and a woman with a child. The men drink, moving around the girl Temple Drake, and at the end of a couple of days one man is dead and she is raped. Popeye (the man who raped her), takes her away an puts her in a whore house that belongs to a friend of his. In the meantime the bootlegger (also the father of the child) is accused of murder. A friend lawyer comes in to defend him. The story then goes between the accused and the lawyer and Popeye and the girl plus a few more people entering the story (not always clear to me why!).

William Faulkner

He wrote it in 1931 and the theme of the book - rape - being a sensitive subject at the time, made it a rather controversial book. I don't know if it is one of his most famous books? I have another one, Light in August on my TBR shelves so I will try this as well. Although it was a little bit 'messy' it was still rather fascinating and I had no problems finishing it.

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