Saturday, 5 July 2014

Belgium and Argentina - Football World Championship

This has nothing to do with books, but I think this championship is part of our life during two weeks. My husband, Martin, and I have just been down to the municipality house where they had an open viewing of the game between Belgium and Argentina. It was very atmospheric, and people were dressed up in whatever with the Belgian colours, yellow, red and black. There has been a good atmosphere all over Brussels since the game started since things were getting well for the "Red Devils" as they are called. It seems it is also something that unites Belgium, more than anything else.

However, in the end, after quite a good game, and with a lot of opportunities for the Belgians, Argentina won with one goal, made after only 8 minutes. Nevertheless, the 'stimmung' was great and people were happy. Here some photos, rather dark from the event.

The 'Bosuil' meaning the 'Forest Owl' and situated next to the forest, where we normally take our walks. The good Belgian beer were flowing and the atmosphere, very good. Unfortunately, not further achievement for the Belgians. But it was good as long as it lasted.

Now we are waiting for the match Netherlands and Costa Rica. Being neighbour's, not only to Belgians and Germans, we also have Dutch neighbours. So, our hopes tonight will be with the Dutch team.

Have a nice watch at the continuos games! Let the best team win!

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