Friday, 18 July 2014

Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway and Woman Without Men by Lisbeth Ekelof

Here I am, inspired by the Global History of the Curry and thinking I will surprise my boys with a curry! Great. Starting it all and getting an sms from my husband that he has a reception and will be late! I am sure the he knew about it before and just forgot! OK, my son is still home. Since he has been one week in Kos in Greece with his class mates to celebrate the BAC I am happy he is home again. It will be nice eating with him and talk about everything. Well, yes...would have been nice. However, he is going off with friends to watch a tennis tournament match from one of them and then on to the cinema.

What can I say?  Here I am with a wonderful curry, and all alone! See for yourself.

Looks good doesn't it? I have to confess one thing though. The recipe is not from the book that I read (I promise I will try all these recipes once) but it is from JAMIE OLIVER! With him it can't really go wrong...and it didn't. It was a lovely curry that I ate with some basmati rice, a nice glass of wine, an Austrian Grüner Weltliner, a glass of water and Men Without Women!

I was sitting outside since it was a lovely evening. Finally the heat has hit Belgium as well. I finished the book which was only due to a Woman Without Men!

That was yesterday. The good thing? Tonight, all three of us ate the leftovers, sitting outside in the lovely evening. Not so bad really!

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