Sunday, 29 June 2014

Paris in July - new challenge

I guess this post should have been placed before Austen in August? However, it does not matter. In July there is a lovely challenge called Paris in July! Sounds very romantic I think, but it can be everything. This year it is hosted by four persons, four blogs. Read more about the idea here.

The general idea is that "this year we will be talking, sharing and blogging about books, food, travel, perfume, films, music, favourite markets, poetry, history and almost anything else with a Paris or French flavour – it really is like a virtual trip to Paris – and who could resist that?

Each of the team members here at Paris in July will be joining in with special topics:

Me (being A Wondering Life) – Fashion and books

Dolce Bellezza – Perfume and she promises some give aways!!

Adria – Life in Paris and reflections as an author

Tamara – Travel and Food"

I have chosen the following two books for the challenge:

  • Paris was Yesterday 1925-1939 by Janet Flanner
  • Hemingway, the Paris Years by Michael Reynolds 

Hemingway said:

If you have been lucky to live in Paris
 as a young man, then wherever 
you go for the rest of your life,
it stays with you, for Paris is a Moveable feast.

It seems that Paris has a special place for most people. We have heard so much about it and we have all kinds of imaginations how it is. 


  1. Looking forward to sharing Paris thoughts this July!

  2. So glad you are joining us and I can't wait to hear about both of the books you have chosen. I haven't heard of either of them before but they both sound fantastic!