Saturday, 5 January 2019

Mount TBR Final Checkpoint 2018

Bev at My Reader's Block has posted the final checkpoint for this year's challenge. One of my favourite challenges, not only because it has as its aim to lower our TBR piles, that are lying around our houses. It also reminds us that we should be out climbing, walking or whatever we enjoy doing to keep our health up. Climbing is not my cup of tea, but with this challenge I am doing my best.

I tried to be realistic and aim at 48 books and an ascent to Mt. Ararat. I almost made it but not quite. By 4.602 meters, or 43 books, the air got a little bit thin and I had to stop. The last 535 meters, or 5 books, alas, had to be abandoned. I will try to do better this year. Still, I had a few interesting adventure along the way.

It was not really Hundred Years of Solitude but I can understand the feeling. The Hunting Season was on, but I did not manage to shoot anything. However, The Mysteries of Beethoven's Hair followed me along the path, and I looked out for it, without finding it. I did Find Your (my) Element, and was happy to learn more about the stars above. When I got Restless I walked over to The Secret Keeper who always provided me with a little bit of sweets. I learned of Brontë in Love and wanted to roam the moors, rather than climbing the mountain. However, when I saw the Girl in Rose, I heard Haydn's music in my head. I did run into The Tiger's Wife and was dreading that this would be a Fatal Voyage. Must be safer in Brooklyn I thought. Or in Ireland where The Heather is Blazing. It reminded me of The Thirteenth Tale and I wonder if The Virgin's Lover made it. Then of course it was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time which made me wonder wether I had entered Sophie's World or not. Or, was it just The Bugatti Queen racing by in her car?

A stitch in time - is Hundred Years of Solitude
Don't count your chickens  (during) - Hunting Season
A penny saved is (makes) - The Heather Blazing
All good things must come (with) - The Tiger's Wife
When in Rome - Angel Falls
All that glitters is not - Love in a Blue Time
A picture is worth a - Streetcar Named Desire
When the going gets tough, the tough get - Restless
Two wrongs don't make (a) - Betrayal
The pen is mightier than - The Mistresses of Cliveden
The squeaky wheel gets - The Secret Keeper
Hope for the best, but prepare for - Cathedrals of the Flesh
Birds of a feather flock  (makes the) - Butterfly Effect

Hope to meet you up a mountain in 2019.

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