Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Mount TBR 2018 - first check point

The first three months have passed very quickly. I am quite pleased with the number of books I have read so far. Bev at My Reader's Block invites us to share our efforts in climbing the world mountains, and, our TBR shelves. I have read 13 books from my shelves and that means I have reached Pike's Peak and am looking out over the beautiful surroundings from 4.302 meters (or 14.115 ft). Yay! Furthermore, it takes me 200 meters (or 657 ft) up Mont Blanc! Very suitable since we were not far away from that mountain during our Easter holiday. I need 23 more book to reach the top. That will be my aim for next check point. My aim for the year is Mt Ararat and 48 books. I think I am doing well so far.

Over to Bev's questions:

A. Favourite cover so far is from Andrea Camilleri's The Hunting SeasonAbsolutely wonderful.

B. Who has been your favourite character so far? And tell us why, if you like.

It has to be "Girl in Rose" the last love of Haydn. Probably because she is illusive. Not very much is known about her, but she seems to linger on in the background, making a great impact.

C. Have any of the books you have read surprised you - if so, in what way?

I have to go for Love in a Blue Time by Hanif Kureishi. I have heard so much about him, but was rather disappointed. I have to admit thought, that this short story book is probably not his best.

D. Title Scrabble. See if you can spell a word using the first letter of the first word in the titles.

Hm, not easy when you only have one vowel! But here we go - the word is FLASH.

Finding your element by Ken Robinson
Love in a Blue Time by Hanif Kureishi
Angel Fall by Kristin Hannah
(The) Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
(The) Hunting Season by Andrea Camilleri

Thank you Bev for hosting one of my favourite challenges. I love your questions to go with them. They give another dimension and thought to what you have read.


  1. Sounds like you're making great progress in the Mount TBR challenge. Have fun on your way up!


    1. Thank you! I aim for 100 books this year, but they will not all come from my TBR shelves. Although, I should speed up reading from there. The older they get, the more difficult it is to find the energy to read them. At least some of them. Good luck with your achievement. You have already come a long way. Well done!