Wednesday, 18 April 2018

4 x Allison Brennan

When it comes to detective novels, Allison Brennan is one of my favourites. I follow two of her series; Lucy Kincaid and Max Revere. They are different in crimes, but both series are excellent.

Lucy Kincaid is a FBI agent and is solving big crimes like trafficking, serial killers etc. She has a troubled past which still afflicts her, but also makes her determined to put the bad guys and gals behind bars. She is part of a big family, as is her husband Sean Rogan. The family works in different kind of crime preventing/solving areas, have a lot of money and can do a little bit like they like. Well connected in society and in the FBI.

Max Revere, also with a troubled past (how come all detectives have a troubled past?) coming from a rich family and, due to the fact her mother left her/disappeared when she was ten, has committed her life to solve cold cases. She is a reporter and has her own crime show on TV.

Both women are strong, but vulnerable at the same time. I really enjoy both characters and when Allison Brennan decided to let them meet in her latest novel, Shattered, I was not sure it would work. It did. Very well I would say. The stories differ between the two protagonists. Lucy normally deal with big criminal gangs, which is frightful reading sometimes. Max concentrates on cold cases, which is more family related. Brennan's characters give you an insight into 'normal' families and their problems.

Allison Brennan writes very well and her stories are fascinating. I really don't know how she can come up with all the good stories, considering she is writing several books a year. I have not read any of them for a while and was happy to see that I had four books to read. The Lost Girls and Make Them Pay with Lucy Kincaid and Poisonous with Max Revere. Shattered with both of them. The books are really difficult to put down, once you start. That is probably why I read four of them in six days! You get so into their world it is difficult to come out. Can hardly wait for the next one in these series. Furthermore, Sean Rogan found information on the disappearance of Max Revere's mother, which will be her next cold case. I forgot to tell you that Sean Rogan is a computer whizz. Yes, both the Kincaid and Rogan families cover more or less the whole spectrum of knowledge in society. It might not be so realistic, but it makes for great reading.

Have any of you read anything by her? Please let me know what you think.

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