Monday, 16 April 2018

Bookmark Monday

The Content Reader

Joining Guiltless Reading for another Bookmark Monday. Being on a trip, visiting houses, castles and museums I mostly manage to find some bookmarks. I showed you two last week connected to Bussy-Rabutin. This week it is time for a more famous person, Voltaire.

Having read Candide for my litcourse, I was eager to visit houses where he had lived. Unfortunately, I was unlucky in both places. During the last years of his life he lived in Ferney, just on the border to Switzerland. They even renamed the town to Ferney-Voltaire (which is the name today) after him. The castle is under renovating since 2015 and will only open this summer. We could walk around the garden though. It is a beautiful, small (to be a castle) with a lovely view over the surroundings. Who would not enjoy living here? The small shop was full of Voltaire memorabilia and I bought two bookmarks.

The other home of Voltaire is situated in the Délice area of Geneva. We were here mid-day but the museum only opens at 2 p.m. It has to wait for another time.

We also tried to visit the castle of Madame de Staël in Coppet in Switzerland. The castle, in private hands, still from Madame de Staeël's family, only opens on 1 April. Definitely, will have to visit this area again.


  1. Perfect bookmarks for a Voltaire!

    1. Of course this is probably one of the few portraits of him, but when I opened my litcourse literature book, the same portrait was there. Feels like a little bit of connection. Thank you for passing by. I am still waiting for your bookmarks!