Friday, 5 September 2014

True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse and Co

Still on the road so the posts are coming quite irregular. I had time though, one evening, to watch the last episode of True Blood. I am quite happy that it is finished. The ending...well, it was sort of ok I think. SPOILER here: It was quite strange though to have followed Sookie the whole time and in the end she married someone we don't even know who it is! In the books...SPOILER again... she ended up with Sam, and I didn't like that ending either. I loved all the books in the series (13) but though the last one lacked something from the rest of them. For the series, season 1-4 were fine but then it all went 'all over the place'.

I think this is the problem with most series; they should have a decided ending and number of seasons decided before they start. If the series become popular, it seems they decide from season to season if they are to continue. Well, this can only hurt the story, which in the end is the most important thing.

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