Sunday, 14 September 2014

Election day in Sweden

Today is election day in Sweden. There are two 'blocs' as we call them; each bloc consists of several parties that come together to form a coalition or alliance in order to govern; there is not one party strong enough to govern by itself. The two blocs are from middle to left and from middle to right. This year it is very tight so it will be a very close match.

While waiting for the result I took a walk around the city with my mother. The city is very quiet today. People are voting in the areas where they live. Here is my mother in front of the lovely, old houses that are bordering Borgmästaregatan, which is one of the big streets in the city. Made into a pedestrian walk these days, one can enjoy some food or coffee on the pavements.

So that is what we did after the walk. We took a caffe latte with a pecan nut cake with vanilla ice cream in a café that was open for the day.

The cake was lovely, but so sweet and filled with calories, that we had to continue our walk afterwards as well. 


  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe the size of those portions. I love photos of desserts and these look heavenly.

  2. I love the little tables and places for a great in Europe. We would often stop at such a shop in France or Germany (sadly I haven't been to Sweden since I was a small child) and hen walk as you did. In America everyone drives,fast, and eats a slice twice as big. It's disgusting.

  3. Pam, Bellezza,
    The portions were definitely too big. We should have shared one between us!
    These small cities are wonderful, with their easy pace. My parents live in the middle of the city and you can walk anywhere. For being in the city you really don't need a car! Isn't that a wonderful idea.