Sunday, 7 September 2014

Quality time in Karlskrona

Today is Sunday and yet another wonderful, sunny day here in the south east corner of Sweden. I
decided to take a walk around the city, listening to my iPhone and taking some pictures. The centre of Karlskrona, Trossö, was once several islands, but have today merged into one.  Trossö is, in its turn, surrounded by several islands, yet visible today. To walk around the centre means, mostly, walking along the water front. On a sunny, calm day like today, Karlskrona is a beauty.

Having been busy with settling my son in for his university studies in Växjö, a city around 100 km from here, it felt good coming here to visit my parents and have a few calm days. Karlskrona is a very historical city. Founded in 1680 by king Karl XI (Charles XI) to establish an ice free, winter harbour for his fleet, it was always a military city, and thus, a rather closed city. Now, the military is
mostly gone and the city has opened up to show its real beauty. A lot of tourists come here in the summer and can enjoy just walking around the city, go by boat around the archipelago, sailing, camping, nature or attend a lot of events that takes place in the summer. This time of the year it is rather calm and can be enjoyed in a slower pace. The beautiful weather is quite unusual for this time of the year, we call it 'indian summer', and the temperature lingers around 20 C.

Enjoy the pictures!


Nice place to live! Park your boat instead of your car.

A typical boat from this area, used in the old days

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