Friday, 19 September 2014

I have missed you!

This is not a title of a new interesting book. It is a statement from my side. I am now back home and in business again. It has been some busy weeks in Sweden helping my son install himself for the university studies. Now he is up an running and I can go back to my books.

I did not have time to read a lot but I managed to buy a lot of books, mostly second hand; 50 cents for the pocket books and 1 euro for the hardback! Unbelievably cheap. A list will come, hopefully, already tomorrow.

Crossing the bridge between
Sweden and Denmark
My challenges are totally lost for this month I think. I did not manage to finish Emma by Jane Austen in August, I did not manage to read the Gissling book for the Brontë Reading Group, not the two books for the other book club; Beloved by Toni Morrison and Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marques, so far not the two books about Hemingway for a Swedish 3xbooks challenge. It is rather depressing and I am wondering whether I should skip challenges for the time being? BUT, when I organise myself I might be able to read them after all!

In the middle of the bridge
I managed to listen to a book for the first time. I drove from Sweden to Belgium which took more or less 12 hours. I thought that this might be the time for me to listen to a book. I found a thriller called Ghostman by Roger Hobbs. I see that he got a nomination for the Edgar Prize for first novel by an American author. Hmm, I don't know whether I can agree. The story itself, or really two stories; one present and one going back five years, were rather thrilling, but for me the whole story was too technical. It looks more like a manual for bank robbers; there were endless details how to act in a bank robbery, on guns, on get away cars, on preparations, on drugs etc etc. The story sort of disappeared in all the technical details. Since I am more of a macro person then micro person it did not do it for me. However,  it kept me occupied with something during the drive.

 Will I listen to another audio book? Maybe, give it another try. I can't imagine doing it at home, but while driving for example, or out walking maybe, I can imagine to listen to a book. I still prefer to read myself.

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