Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

I think I have to review my mind about not liking time travelling books. Now I have read three recently (A Rip in The Veil by Anna Belfrage and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) and now this one. I like them all. The other two have more of a one time moving in time, but Niffenegger's time traveller goes back and forth all the time. It is a little bit confusing though, and myself, I just have to take it, not trying to find any logic in it.

In short this is a story about Claire and Henry. Claire gets to know Henry when she is six years old. He comes to visit her through the years from time to time. She is always waiting for him and she knows that there will never be anyone else in her life. Henry gets to know Claire when she is twenty, when they meet in real time.

It is a rather long book, but it is very well written, easy to read, and the story goes forward with every time travel. You get little by little the story of their lives, how it was, how it is and how it will be. Once they meet in real time and get married the situation is the same for Claire. Now she does not wait for him to come but for him to come back!

Although time travelling is something 'not physical' but more spiritual, although the body is there, or is it? However, there are times when Henry visits himself in another age and that I find a little bit strange. Presumably, you disappear from the present when you go time travelling, but how can you go and visit yourself? Hmm... Well, apart from all these non-solvable questions the book makes us believe that it is possible and true.

And now it is time to see the movie as well.

A pleasant read and I am looking forward to the other Niffenegger I have on my TBR shelves; Her Fearful Symmetry. 

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