Friday, 1 August 2014

Reading in July

I would love my July reading place to look like this!
Alas...! But one can always dream.
July is gone, and it went very fast. It was a very active month, partly, or mostly, because of the wonderful Paris in July activity. Many interesting posts, a lot of new information on Paris, with its markets, narrow streets, tourist sites, castles, old houses, food, restaurants and ice-cream, as well as a lot of reviews of books with a French touch. On top of that, I feel, that I have got a lot of new blogger friends. Thank you all of you who arranged it and all of you who participated. It was one of the best activities.

I read 11 books in July, and I am still reading 2-3 that I started in July. Here they are:

Hemingway, The Paris Years by Michael Reynolds
The Forbidden Queen by Anne O'Brien
The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory
Simon och ekarna (Simon and the Oakes) by Marianne Fredriksson
Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway
Ensam drottning Sofia Magdalena (Lonley Queen, Sophie Madeleine) by Gerd Ribbing
Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope
A Black-Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine
Paris was Yesterday 1925-1939 by Janet Flanner
Den unge Werthers lidande (The Sorrow of Young Werther) by J.W. von Goethe
Sanctuary by William Faulkner

4 by American writers, 4 by English writers, 2 by Swedish writers and 1 by a German writer. I am quite pleased with the spreading of the writers.

This morning, 1 August, I found 4 books in my letter box which I ordered from Amazon. They are

Beloved, Hundred Years of Solitude,
The Age of Desire and A Moveable Feast

The two top ones are for my book club for our September meeting. The Age of Desire by Jennie Fields and A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway are recommendations from Paris in July bloggers. Looking forward to all of them.

For Austen in August challenge hosted by Lost Generation Reader I will read Emma by Jane Austen. I see that I am on page 357 in the book! Almost in the end. But it was so many years since I started reading it that I have to start all over. Just hope I like Emma better this time, but I have my doubts.

For the rest I will just try to read some more of my TBR shelves. I am quite proud of what I have done so far, but the shelves are still overburdened.

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