Friday, 22 August 2014

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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I wanted to read this book before the film comes in September. I saw the trailer and thought this would be an exiting book and film. It also comes with good recommendations from other bloggers. This is a dystopian book, set in a depressing future.

Thomas wakes up in an elevator without a past memory and not knowing where the elevator will stop. It finally stops and when the doors open he looks into a valley (sort of) and a lot of boys curiously looking at him. He has arrived to the Glade, habited by young boys only, who have organised a life out of the given conditions. On his first day he is taken around the area and the leader explains what it all means. They are all sort of prisoners in the valley. The valley is surrounding by very high rock walls. Here and there are openings into the walls, leading into a maze. Every evening the doors are closing and every morning they are opened.

The small population of boys are given different tasks. One of it is to be a maze runner, meaning to investigate the maze during the day, and try to find the way out. The walls of the maze are moving every night so in order to see if there is a patterns the runners produces maps.

Normally, a new boy is coming about once a month. However, the day after the arrival of Thomas the alarm ringing for the arrival of the elevator, turns up and out stumbles a girl. This change the whole environment of the Glade and it is soon discovered that Thomas and the girl Teresa, are different then the rest of them.

Not to reveal to much of the story I will stop there. The story is not bad, at times it is very exciting and then there is the question how it all will end. What is the trick of the maze?

Being an easy read, it could nevertheless not really interest me. Maybe because I am not so interested in sci-fi or dystopian worlds or virtual worlds. Probably too old! It is all too depressing and end-of-the-world-thing for me. This is also the first in a series of four books. I will not continue with the second one. Will I have a look at the film? Probably, because I am sure that it can be made into a fantastic film. Let's see!

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