Saturday, 23 August 2014

Books for travelling

My travel companions!
On Monday I am heading to Sweden with my son. Time for university studies for him. Time passes so quickly, I don't know where the 17 years disappeared! We are bringing his things with us, so we are taking the car. We are heading for south of Sweden so in principal you can make it in a day...long day! We are driving to Malmö to stay with friends overnight before continuing to Växjö, in the middle of the deep forests of Sweden.

Normally, when I travel these days, I bring my iPad mini for reading. Books are heavy to carry if you have to check in luggage and carry it around. The car brings some flexibility to bring a few more books. However, there are very good libraries in Sweden so you can always pop in and see what you find. These are the books and the iPad I am bringing with me:

I have three books for book clubs: Beloved by Toni Morrison, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, New Grub Street by George Gissing (iPad). All for September.

For August I have to finalise Emma by Jane Austen for the Austen in August challenge.

Jean-Paul Satre, La Nausée is for the Classical Club spin and has to be finalised in beginning of October.

Already started books are Tolkien by Arne Zettersten and The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark.

The Pursuit of Glory by Tim Blanning is about five revolutions between 1648 and 1815 that made modern Europe. Should be very interesting and has got ravishing reviews.


Today we are invited for a cray fish party in the evening. Mmm, this is a Swedish tradition this time of the year. Tomorrow is bag for me (hopefully) and a few more for my son. The read bag in the middle is mine. The rest is his, plus a few things not visible in the picture...and then of course the bike, his tennis rackets/bags/ball etc and the tennis string machine...! And the two of us...

I forgot to say that he is a very good packer!

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  1. You have packed some amazing books! Austen is always wonderful, and 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' is amazing. I really want to read 'Beloved' as well.