Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reading year 2013 and reading year to come

Long time no see! I have been away for the holidays and no access to Internet. So, a little bit late I want to wish you all a wonderful 2014. Hopefully it will bring a lot of reading. 2013 was my first year of active reading. I had an idea that I would like to read at least 100 books. I managed with 108! Hopefully I will manage to read a slightly higher number this year so maybe I should go for at least 120 books! I said it so now there is no way back.

I have made statistics on the kind of books I have read through the year. I have divided them into Non-fiction (22) (easy enough) and under Fiction I have made the following sub-titles; Series (30), Mystery/Thriller (7), Classics (14), Historical fiction (6) and Other fiction (29) visualised in two charts below:

Read in 2013 by category

Read in 2013 by percentage

I am mostly proud over the number of classics that I have read. Will continue this trend in 2014.

Resting from reading?

In between reading my husband managed to drag me on to a few walks in the mountains of Mallorca. Tiresome from time to time but the view in the end is worth it...and of course the sunset drinks afterwards!

Challenges in 2013

I joined a few Challenges in 2013 (one even before I think). That is; A Century of Books (proceeds very slowly!), European Reading Challenge (read 5 books from 5 different European countries) FINALISED, Book beginnings on Friday (where I contributed with three beginnings) and for 2014 I will join Monthly Motif Challenge hosted by Bookmark To Blog.

Reading year 2014

I have made some New Year promises for 2014 as regards reading and blogging. I want to reduce my TBR shelves so I promise to read at least one but hopefully two books per month from these shelves. I also want to be more active in blogging so hopefully you will see a little bit more on this blog. Mostly it should be connected to reading but a few posts on other matters may find their way in as well.


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