Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cleaning your books!

It is lovely to have a lot of books. However, the big disadvantage is that they tend to collect a lot of dust. Therefore I had - for some time I must admit (tend to postpone!) - the notion to clean my book cases again. For this purpose I bought a small handy vacuum cleaner which turned out to be perfect. You can just dust them where they stand but this time I took them all out to clean also the shelves.

To Be Read!
To my big distress I realise that I have a lot of books on my TBR shelves. Maybe they are even more than the books on the shelves that I have read? When I looked at them I also realise that some of them I bought many, many years ago. But I have promised to read one or two every month so I can move them up to the proper shelves where there still is some space. There are all kinds of books in this pile; classics, fiction, thrillers, mystery, non-fiction and more. I should be able to find something suiting all my moods. Let's see where I am in the end of the year.

A clean book case!
TBR at the bottom
plus two up to the right!

Since I have moved a lot and since books are heavy to move I have given away thousands of books through the years. I prefer to give them to someone rather then just throw them away. However, it is not easy to even give away your books these days. Especially when you live in a country where people don't speak Swedish or English which most of my books are in. Now with the e-books it solves a little bit the space problem. But to have a good paper book in your hand feels best!

Still to clean!
Plus a couple more

The good thing about cleaning your books is that
you discover good old books that you forgot that
you had! At least I do. It is so nice to see a book and
remember how good it was - or how bad it was for that
matter! I even saw some books I might consider reading
again. On the other hand....perhaps after finishing all the
TBR books! Priorities are important.

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  1. Dear Lisbeth,

    I have a bigger problem a lot of books and no shelves. Since I moved to Saint-Malo all my books are in boxes and as I could not live without a book a day I have an open credit with Amazone and Fnac! so still more books and still no shelves....