Friday, 31 January 2014

Quotes on books

This last day of January is a very nice, slightly cold, sunny day here in Belgium. A lovely day for a walk in the forrest. But...yesterday I was a little bit eager and too fast stepping out of the car and something snapped at the back of my right leg, below the back of the knee. Could not walk so had to head to the doctor. A rapture in the muscle (a name reminding me of the names in 'Bones' but can't remember it!) but similar to the biceps in the arm. Just to be sure that it was not totally broken I had to spend a couple of hours in the Leuven hospital's emergency unit just to be told that it was only a rapture and will heal with rest. Good news indeed. However, it has left me somewhat crippled. I have to jump around on the toes only on my right foot so stumbling around the house in this way. Going out I use the crutches I rented from a pharmacy. Well, if this is not a good excuse to tend to your blog and read a little bit more I don't know any!

Since I am still reading several books as usual (Röde Orm from my TBR shelves and An Education by Lynn Barber for one of my book clubs and having promised myself to finish The Inheritance of Loss by reading at least one chapter a day) so I seem not to be able to finish any. An article about clever things said about and in books reminded me that I have a small note book myself where I have collected quotes (about books and other things) so it seems like a good idea to share these quotes with you. So click on the link below and enjoy! If you have any good quotes on books please send a comment.

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