July wrap up and Paris in July

July is over. As usual it went very fast, probably because of the great event that takes places during this month, Paris in July. This year hosted by Tamara at Thyme-for-tea and Deb at Readerbuzz. Thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into this month. It seems that more and more people sign up and that is lovely. I went back to check out a book I reviewed for Paris in July, since Deb said she wanted to read it, namely Janet Flanner's Paris Was Yesterday. That is when I realised that I have participated in this event since 2014! Couldn't believe it. I started blogging in the end of 2013, so I was lucky to find Paris in July so fast. Times fly when you have fun. 

Paris in July

I only read two books about Paris this year.

The Reunion/La jeune fille et la nuit by Guillaume Musso


The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Musso's book really good and, unfortunately the not so good The Paris Apartment. I have also listened to history pods about France, mainly the French revolution. I am still reading Marie Antoinette by Stefan Zweig and it will take some time. He is really writing in a very personal way, which is different from other biographies. I tried to find a French film to watch, but alas. I did make a French dinner and it was great fun. Four out of five courses were new recipes, so a little bit of a challenge. It mostly worked out well.

July wrap up - my own challenge

I actually read 10 books (update: managed to finish one at the very end, so 11) this month, of which all of them from my own shelves/ebooks. I have so far read 53 books from my shelves which is great. I must admit some new have arrived as well. Six (update: seven) books were thrillers/mysteries (always a summer treat for me). Two nonfiction, one dystopia and one fiction.

  • a nonfiction from my TBR shelves - Tullberg, Tomas - Sara Lisa von Linné,  Skopal, Eric - Hur mycket pengar behöver man egentligen 
  • a fiction from my TBR shelves -  Foley, Lucy - The Paris Apartment 
  • a translated novel outside of the English- and Swedish speaking countries - Musso, Guillaume - Återträffen (The Reunion/La jeune fille et la nuit)  
  • a classic tale - I am reading The Tales of Ensign Stål by Johan Ludvid Runeberg
  • a book from my Wish list - Kitamura, Katie - Intimacies

Best books of the month

I did like all books except The Paris Apartment, but, if I should mention some it has to be Intimacies by Katie Kitamura. A thought worthy book about an interpreter at the Criminal Court in Den Haag. Very interesting. Review will come. Tana French is always a pleasure to read. This time she outdid herself with The Witch Elm, a psychological story of a crime discovered ten years later, and its impacts on the people concerned. Review will come. I got Stormvakt by Kristina Ohlsson for Christmas a couple of years ago and just read it now. Very good, a little bit different than all the other detective stories, and interesting characters. The solution to the crime was hidden until the very end. Just did not want to finish this one. And after it, I was reluctant to start another book, because I though I could not find one as good as this one. Well, you know what I mean, I think. This happens from time to time, but with a thriller? Not so often. 

Happy to have met you all at Paris in July and am waiting for next year. 


  1. So glad you were able to join in for Paris in July. Sorry The Paris Apartment was a bust, but that happens.

    1. Well Deb, these things happens. I read a lot of very good books this months, most of them thrillers. They were different and above a lot of books in this genre. Really enjoyed them.

  2. Nice wrap up. I have only read one Paris book this month and haven't published my review, yet. But I always enjoy the activity because they give me so many new ideas. Thanks, Lisbeth.

    1. Thank you Marianne. It was a very fruitful Paris in July this year I think.

    2. And it was nice to accompany you on your trip.

  3. Congrats on your French meal! I'm curious, what was on the menu??


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