Sunday, 20 June 2021

Summer reading

The reading has been rather slow for me in June. Being on the road does not give much time for this pleasure. We have bought a camper van and is now touring the north of Sweden. Wonderful experience of nature. For those of you who speak Swedish, or just want to look at pictures, can follow me on Den tillfälliga besökaren

Another obstacle with a van is that there is not so much space for more than the necessary things. As mentioned in the post 'Just checking in...' I choose a few books from self-service book shelves and those I have brought with me. I leave them at various camping as I have finished them. Here a few summary reviews of what I read. 

Black Skies by Arnaldur Indridason Another thrilling and intriguing story from Iceland. Detective Sigurdur Oli is contacted by friends to investigate a blackmail. Upon visiting the suspected blackmailer Sigurdur Oli finds her murdered. The friendship makes the solving of the case more difficult for him, and many times he suspects his own friends. It takes him through all levels of society, through greed and pride before he finally finds the culprit. 

Bad Intensions by Karin Fossum Three old friends meet in a cottage in the woods. In the middle of the night they venture out in a rowing boat. One of the friends does not come back. Fossum are excellent in keeping suspense and a psychological twist to her stories. It is hinted that something terrible happened in the past which affects the three friends. Two of them more than the third. Thrilling story about ordinary people. 

A Lady at Last by Brenda Joyce The pirate father of Amanda, called La Sauvage, is sentenced and executed and she is alone in the world. Another pirate, Cliff de Warenne, of noble ancestry and pirating only on behalf of the government, is charges with Amanda. He will take her to London to meet her mother whom she has never met. This is a real romance, almost too much, but it is after all summer and an easy, romantic read, came in handy. Daring and beautiful pirates and bold and beautiful women. It takes quite some time before this story is finished, but I think we can all guess how it ends up in the end. 

Now I am continuing with Arto Paasilinna's The Son of the Thunder God.


  1. I love Karin Fossum's books. I'll be anxious to hear how this one is.

    1. I did like it. I like the way she weaves a thriller among ordinary people. It is not the usual murder - detective solving crimes. Psychologically, interesting and taking up important ethic questions. An easy read as well.

  2. When you go north in Norway are you going to visit the island called Runde? It's far out-of-the-way, but connected to the mainland by a series of amazing bridges. We somehow managed to get there a few years ago by flying to Ålesund and renting a car, Most of the people who go there are camping.

    best... mae at

    1. Hello Mae, we will be further north this time. We are not yet sure it is possible to travel to Norway without the EU certificate. We are fully vaccinated, but the Norwegian border police only accepts the certificate, which we don't have yet. If we can go there we will be in the very north; Kirkenes, North Cape and Lofoten.
      We hope to cover the rest of Norway possibly next year. It is such a beautiful country and lovely people. I can imagine that Runde must be something out of the extra ordinary.