Wednesday, 1 April 2020

In splendid isolation, or...?

These are difficult times, as the coronavirus spreads over the world and affects more and more people. I hope that you are all right out there? How are you keeping up with restrictions in moving around society?

In Sweden, we are allowed to move around outside, although should refrain from it when not necessary. For me and my husband, it is not a big problem. He came back from Nepal just over two weeks ago. Coming home early, due to the spreading of the virus. He landed in Vienna and re-directed his trip to come to Sweden. It is good that we can be here together in times like these. It would not be so nice to be in two different countries for a time where we don't know when it will end.

Walking close to home

We spend our days mostly at home. We go for weekly shopping and errands. We try to go for a walk most days. We are lucky to be able to start walking directly from our home, going to the beach, or around the nearby limestone quarry. Otherwise, we take the car and go to national parks, not far away from where we live. We see very few people, and when we meet someone, we all make sure to keep the distance. It is nice to be able to take these walks and get a bit of fresh air. The weather has been wonderful, so that is an extra plus. It must be very difficult for those of you who cannot leave your home. Please let me know how you are keeping up.

An excursion to Lake Pulken to watch the cranes, and
a walk on the beach at Åhus, picnic in the harbour

Since nothing much is happening due to the standstill, I take this opportunity to catch up with various projects that are lagging behind. I have picked up my journaling for 2019. I am now done with March, so still, a few months to go. Other journaling projects are also in the pipeline. Further projects that are trying to get some attention are a photographing course, getting used to being creative with my iPad pro, blogging, writing, studying, and reading.  Furthermore, projects around the house like spring cleaning, fixing broken things, organising whatever there is to organise. There is an endless list of things to do.

Walking in national parks

If you like reading you always have something to do. Especially, if your bookcases are full of non-read books. I have only read three books from my shelves this year. I tend to borrow books at the library now that I am living in Sweden. Now is the time to start with my own books.

I will make a challenge of my own, to read at least seven books per month from my shelves. And,... it is not an April Fool's Day joke! For now, I am reading The Leopard by Jo Nesbo. I find that it is easier to pick a detective story or a light storybook these days, rather than more serious and thoughtfully books. I am still dedicated to reading nonfiction books.

Please let me know how you are getting through your days. Keep up the spirit, take care and keep safe.


  1. I'm glad you are together, safe, and hopefully staying without symptoms and well. Our national parks have closed -- too many people. I've been reading (did a book post a few back) and cooking. Today is lovely so a walk and I think raking in the yard. I agree about detective books rather than heavier books. We are in isolation. Rick goes out to shop (that's all) but we must stay three feet away from each other which is emotionally very hard. But we'll do what it takes to stay safe. Stay well, Lisbeth.

    1. I am glad that you are all safe. It is hard times. Hopefully, the isolation tactic will work out in the end. Reading is a good way to spend the day. I am on a Jo Nesbo book, The Leopard, which is very thrilling.

  2. Glad to hear things are going okay in Sweden. Australia seems to have fared reasonably well so far too. I'm struggling to read and blog at the moment. I'm very distracted and finding it hard to settle to anything. But I have been reading some Barbara Pym's and Angela Thirkell's for the same reason you read Nesbo.

    Take care. Nice to hear from you :-)

    1. Good to hear that all is well. Yes, it is a little bit difficult to concentrate at times. I am happy to have the reading. Although, I must say, I am hardly out of things to do. A perfect time to take up all projects half finished, and to do some cleaning around the house. Take care!