Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Mythos by Stephen Fry

Trying to start a new, healthier life. To this end I have decided to take a walk before breakfast every day, at least week days. I am now in Sweden, and there is a lime stone quarry just outside our flat, which make for a 45 minute brisk walk. It was lovely, although windy, as always here by the sea.

I felt quite refreshed. The good thing about walking is that you can listen to an audio book. I started a new one today; Mythos by Stephen Fry. The pleasure is that he is also narrating the story. It is a slightly different approach to the Greek myths and he is doing it in a very entertaining way. The chapters are rather short, the stories different, so you can stop whenever. Perfect for a walk.

On the other side of the quarry you see our house. We have a view over the quarry from the other side. It is quite a magic place, a nature reserve and some "lost" species are making this quarry their home. For those interested in geology also has a good time walking through the quarry. It is only open to the public for guided tours.

I have been finishing a few books lately, so I am really pleased. Reviews will follow.


  1. The bad thing about Michigan winter is the snow -- I just don't walk as much. I can see why Stephen Fry would be a wonderful walking companion. I like his work so much. It looks like a beautiful area.

    1. Dear Jeanie, thank you for your comment. This is not really the best season of the year, summer would be much nicer. But, we have to live with what we have. I actually love snow, and would be very happy if we had it here. But it is rare. The quarry is a magical place though, although it does not look so nice to start with. But it grows on you.