Thursday, 15 February 2018

Coffin Road by Peter May

Serendipity happens sometimes. I recently read a review on Beth Fish Reads about Peter May's book Coffin Road.  Just days after, I visited a friend who handed me the very same book and asked if I wanted to read it. YES, indeed I will. I have read a couple of Peter May's books some years ago and remember loving them. This is another thrilling book from this very productive writer.

It is about a man who is watched up on a deserted beach on the island of Harris, in the Hybrides. He realises that he has escaped death, of which he is happy. He is less happy when he realises that he has lost his memory. He has a hinge that something terrible has happen, but he does not know what.

It is interesting how he slowly gets to know more and more about his life, from neighbours and friends. It does not really makes sense to him though. That he is not an ordinary man, with an ordinary life is quite clear from the beginning.

It is a very thrilling book and I could not put it down. Read into the night to come to the unexpected end. Peter May uses the Hybrides as a setting for many of his books, and make them come to life. The harsh climate, the harsh nature, but his love for the area shines through. He puts the setting, the nature and the people in a story that has an input, not only to the area, but the whole world. I found the theme very interesting.


  1. I thought I had read this, but was puzzled that the plot didn't ring any bells. Checked my records: it was The Coffin TRAIL by Martin Edwards that I read.

    My smile for the day.

    1. Close enough! Have to check up this. Might be as exciting as May's book!