Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Finding your Element by Ken Robinson

Maybe your Element is to play the piano?

Some years ago I heard a TED-talk with Ken Robinson. It was one of those talks you just love. He is a natural speaker and manages to make his topic so interesting and humorous.  Nowadays, he is a Sir and an internationally recognised leader in the development of creativity. Also an advisor to governments, corporations and others on educational matters. He has written several books on creativity and how to find your place and occupation in life.

In connection with hearing the talk I ordered this book, with the sub-title: "How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your life". It is an interesting book with a lot of examples of people who did find there elements, even meaning they changed their profession some time along the line. He also provides questions, ideas and advice how to try to find your true element. Best is to read a chapter and then linger on his questions and think on what it could mean to you.

In a way I wish I hade read this book when I was younger. Having said that, I can look back and see that I did follow some of his advice and managed to change my life, even if it meant that I stayed in the same profession. However, most professions have several dimensions. Maybe sometimes, it is only a matter of moving to another place, or move in another direction within your work.

The beginning.
"The aim of this book is to help you find your Element.I was in Oklahoma a few years ago and heard an old story. Two young fish are swimming down a river and an older fish swims past them in the opposite direction. He says, "Good morning, boys. How's the water?" They smile at him and swim on. Further up the river, one of the young fish turns to the other and says, "What's water?". He takes his natural element so much for granted that he doesn't even know he's in it. Being in your own Element is like that. It's about doing something that feels so completely natural to you, that resonates so strongly with you, that you feel that this is who you really are."
How right he is. I have found part of my element in blogging and getting to know all you bloggers out there. It is a pleasure to exchange views on books and life in general. That is a time when I always feel happy, so it must be my element. What is yours?

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