Sunday, 23 July 2017

Paris in July - a trip to Normandie, part 1

My reading this year for the Paris in July, hosted by Tamara at Thyme for Tea, is really suffering. I have only managed Kate Muir's book left Bank so far. I have not had time to do anything else on Paris. However, we went on a lovely trip to Normandie during Easter and I would like to share some of our memorable moments.

We spent most of the time on the Cotentin peninsula, where we started our trip, staying at the Chataeu Du Rozel. It is a castle from the 17th century and wonderfully picturesque. We stayed in a tower in one of the corner sof the garden with a wonderful view of the premises.

On the way to our flat

Part of the park

Enjoying a champagne rosé in the sun

Enjoying wine and cheese outside
our flat

A room with a view!

We went by car all around the peninsula and visited small, cosy villages and wonderful, refreshing fishing villages. There were castles to visit as well. A castle a day is a good day for me!

Chateau de Bricquebec, now partly
a hotel with ambiance 

Fortress in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue  

Chataeau de Flamanville

Chataeau de Flamanville

Wonderful seafood of course. Martin ate oysters every day, but I only ate two. I am not too fond of them I must admit. But there were other seafood to have; fish and mussels and the occasional 'fish & chips'.

Seafood platter

One of the best meals; fish on choucroute
with creamy sauce

So far so good. We drove along the coast and the long dunes. It was rather windy, but fresh. We were so lucky with the weather, having sunshine most of the time. After having been driving around the peninsula, we set our direction south to visit Mont St Michel and Saint Malo. More to come.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and for these beautiful images

    1. Thank you Mel. It was indeed a wonderful trip.

  2. The fish looks delicious. I am going to look up this area of Normandy. Have you been to Bayeaux?

    1. Yes, I have. We went there when we were visiting the Normandy beaches. It is a wonderful city, and I think the Bayeaux tapestry is one of the most impressive things I have seen.
      I really like this area of Normandie. Part 2 and 3 will be further south and then a little bit east as we were heading home.

  3. Oh, these look so delicious! And I love the photos of you both looking so relaxed and joyful in such lovely surroundings. Looks like you hit four-star weather for your journey. Makes it all the more fun.

  4. Ah, nothing like a cottage in France... with sun, wine & cheese. Happy memories!