Friday, 14 July 2017

left Bank by Kate Muir - Paris in July 2017

My first book about Paris and France for the Paris in July meme, hosted by Tamara at Thyme for Tea, left Bank by Kate Muir. It is an easy enough read about a fashionable couple, Madison and Olivier, living on the left bank in Paris. They are both successful people, she an actress and he a philosopher. Very busy with their own careers they have hardly time for their daughter Sabine. Into their lives enters nanny Anna.

It starts  with a family visit to Disneyland, Paris and a dramatic event. The story leaves us there to take us back in time to introduce us to the characters, their lives and loves. It is a typically French story, and it takes us to wonderful places around Paris that you just long to visit yourself. It turns out that the happy, fashionable couple is not that happy after all. The title of this book could as well has been "keeping up appearances" because that is what their lives are about.

Both Madison and Olivier are now in their mid-forties and the popularity of their younger selves more difficult to keep up. Then something happens (this is where we catch up events from the Prologue) that makes, at least Madison realise, that there might be more important thing in life than keeping your body and face in perfect condition. In a way Olivier also realises, but it is more difficult for him to adjust, at least for a longer time. What is life without the exiting lunch meeting with your lover in a small hotel?

On the front cover it says that it is "Intoxicating, witty and delicious, like Paris itself..." and that is true. It is a charming story, very Parisian, but with dark undertones on how it is to grow older and having to realise what is important in life and the necessity to adjust your life style accordingly. Which does not necessarily leads to a lesser life. I liked the book and it is perfect as an easy summer read.

One great thing is the cover. It looks different depending if you keep the paper cover on it or take it off. Charming.

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  1. Doesnt the 'left bank' conjure up images of very arty & politically trendy people? This book sounds like a good read, especially for those who wish they had time on the left bank. Thanks for sharing it.