Sunday, 16 July 2017

A little book inventory!

I have been doing an inventory of my book cases. That is, going through books I have read and books from the TBR shelves. Space is always a problem, and I must admit, that these days I look at the book after finishing it and decide whether to keep it or not. Influenced by KonMari? Maybe. I had a big problem in the beginning doing it,  but I am getting better at it. It also helps that we will move next year and the idea of moving a lot of books I will never read again is helping. Book boxes tend to be very heavy. And there is not much space where they are going.

Here they are!
So, one sunny day I went through my books and managed to sort out 65 of them! Yes, I was rather amazed myself. In Belgium there is a FB group called Swedes in Brussels and I posted a short message and bawang! The books were given to someone eager to read them. I am quite happy since I don't really like to throw books away.

About the same time (this happens when you clean up dark corners) I found two bags of used books. Quite forgotten they were there. Yes, this happens too. One bag was from my friend Helen who also sorted out her book shelves. I choose the following books from her pile: The Past by Tessa Hadley, Brooklyn by Colm Toibin, Emily's Journal by Sarah Fermi and Brontë in Love by Sarah Freeman. Toibin is a favourite of course, it is always interesting to read about the Brontës and Tessa Hadley is a new acquaintance.

The other bag must have come from Sweden and a second hand bookshop, plus two new purchases. Two of them are old favourite authors, Anya Seton and Barbara Erskine and the third has the interesting title The Time Travelling Guide to Medieval England. The New purchases are an historical account of the southern provinces of Sweden and a new guide to Linné's Skåne travels. This is the area where I will settle down in the future so good to read up on the history.

I am quite happy about the inventory and there are now spaces on the shelves. Means I can fill them up with new ones!


  1. Bravo!
    I'm trying to do this now with every read book - will i reread it? Then keep it.
    Do I know someone else who would also like this book? Yes - then pass it on.

    Good luck with the packing!

    1. Thank you. After the initial panic it does feel good!

  2. Hi Lisbeth, I am going to be doing the same at the cottage. I have numerous books from what I call my previous life. Much younger, much different from what I now enjoy. Between that and VHS tapes, which they still take at Goodwill, I think I will have quite a haul!

    Thanks for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy! You said such nice things my head got very big for a minute or two!

  3. It feels good once one has started. It is the initial step that is difficult.
    You should keep you head high, you are really talented and I envy you. Enjoy your talent and your creative spirit!