Thursday, 9 February 2017

What's on the bestseller list in Germany?

In the beginning of January we drove back from Sweden to Belgium. Most of the way we drive through Germany. Everything is super organised along the roads with petrol stations and places where you can grab a bite to eat. Of course, you also find these small shops where they have everything they think you need along the way. In one of them I found this bestseller list by the book shelves. It is always interesting to see what is popular in other countries.

Here is the list, where I have mentioned the nationality of the authors and the title in English (if it exists).

S.L. Grey - Under ground (Pseudonym for Sarah Lotz and Louise Greenberg, South Africa).

Marc Elsberg - Zero (Pseudonym for Marcus Rafelsberger, Austria.) Can't find an English title, maybe not translated.

Samuel Björk - Federgrab (Norway. English title: I'm Travelling Alone - A case for detective Munch)

Tess Gerritsen - Der Schneeleopard (US. Original title: Die Again - A Rizzoli&Isles case).

Jonas Jonasson - Die Analphabetin, die rechnen könnte (Sweden. English title: The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden)

Andreas Gruber - Todesmärchen (Austria) Can't find an English title, maybe not translated.

Harlan Coben - Ich  vermisse dich (US. Original title: Missing you)

Karen Slaughter - Bittere Wunden (US. Original title: Busted)

John Grisham - Die Anklage (US. Original title: Gray Mountain

Nora Roberts - Sternenregen (US. Original title: Stars of Fortune)

Eric Berg - Das Küstengrab (Pseudonym for Eric Walz, Germany)  Can't find an English title, maybe not translated.

Geneva Lee - Royal Passion (US)

Mary Simses - Der Sommer der Sternschnuppen (US. Original title: The Rules of Love and Grammar)

Lucinda Riley - Helena's Geheimnis (Ireland. Original title: Helena's Secret)

Jeffrey Archer - Spiel der Zeit (UK. Original title: Only Time Will Tell - Clifton Chronicles)

Nicholas Sparks - Bis zum letzten Tag (US. Original title:  The Choise)

Out of 16 bestsellers there are 8 (or 9 since one pseudonym hides two persons) different countries represented. That is a good variety I think. Most of them are from the US. I must admit I have only read Jonas Jonasson's The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden. It was good and funny and hilarious. Have you read any of the books? Any favourites of yours? Any recommendations?


  1. The only one I've read is Gray Mountain - I liked it. It's just as much a campaign against injustice and the misuse of power, about the good little guys against the big bad guys as his earlier books are. In this book it’s the big coal companies that come under the microscope, companies that are ruining the environment by strip-mining in the Appalachian mountains.

    1. John Grisham is always good I find. I have not read any books by his for a while, so maybe I should try this one.