Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Pleasure of an Ending!

Is it not wonderful to have an ending from time to time? When you read books you normally have an ending. But what happens when you read a series? Is there an ending in sight? It depends on if you know that there are three, four, five or whatever number of books in the series. But if it only goes on and on? It is ok, when each book in a series is also a finished story.

To be frank it is not so common within the literary world, I am thinking more of the world of TV-series. There seems to be a never ending number of series that just go on and on an on! Yes, I know, it does depend on how many people watch it, if there will be a continuation or not. Even worse if you ask me.

I also love to follow series with several seasons. However, unless you base your series on books, they write them as they come. I find that when you come to season 3 or 4, or around there, the stories tend to thin out. It sometimes becomes more and more crazy and the wonderful storyline you had from the beginning is lost 'in translation'.

Therefore it was such a pleasure to see Penny Dreadful. Well, pleasure and pleasure! I did like it, although it was sometimes too bloody for my taste, too spooky and rather dark. However, I loved the way they integrated literary figures in the story. Excellent actors on top of it, made for a great series. I had no idea what it was about before I started watching it. When I came to the end of the third season, and the story had reached an end, I was thinking; "OK, is this the end or they are just going to continue"? Then I saw it. It was like a revelation. THE END! Yes, they actually said it was the end. Just like you used to see it in the old movies. I was so happy that they finished when it was at its best, instead of dragging on and on and taking it down because they could not come up with more good stories.

That is the reason I am happy that Game of Thrones will reach its last season this year, number 10. Personally, I think they should have wrapped it up much earlier. The last seasons tended to drag on and on and became quite uninteresting. I hope that the last season will be wrapped up satisfactorily.

Another series I am following is Outlander. Based on Diana Gabaldon's series of books, of which she is now writing number 9. She has said there will be 10. I think it is good to be able to look forward to an ending and wrap up of the story. Of course I am looking forward to as many seasons of the TV-series as the number of books. Fantastic adaptation of the books!

The Poldark series by Winston Graham is another set of books that I love. There are 12 of them, and I have read 6 so far. Trying to keep up and read them before watching the series. Here is another wonderful adaptation of the books.

What do you think? Do you appreciate and ending?

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