Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Summary reviews of December reads

I did read a few books during December, but it was so busy, so I did not have time to do any reviews. Here is a short summary of the books.

The Four Swans by Winston Graham: No 6 in the Poldark saga and we are entering into the second generation of Poldarks. Ross and Demelza, Elizabeth and Warleggan are still there, but other family members enters the story. Well told as usual. Interesting insight into the politics and wars at the time, mixed with unexpected family drama. Time for the 7th book which is The Angry Tide.

Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy: I bough this book visiting his childhood house in Dorset. I love the writing of Hardy, but had some difficulties with this one. Partly because it was written in dialect, and I find it difficult to read. The first half was rather uninteresting, but the latter part picked up and I enjoyed this local story of young love and countryside traditions.

Five Great Short Stories by Anton Chekhov: I have had this for years, without reading it, although it is not only short stories, but the content is rather short as well. Enjoyable short stories from the Russian nobility or middle class, revealing dramas from family lives.

Den andra himlen (The Other Sky (my translation)) by Oline Stig: A new purchase from a lady who is also a teacher in writing. Wonderful short stories about ordinary people who acts extraordinarily. You are never sure what will happen until the very end, and than you are quite surprised. There is a special story inside of which I will tell you more later. Quite wonderful and I am looking forward reading more by her.

Påven som kom ner på jorden (The Pope who came down to earth (my translation)) by Kristina Kappelin. Kappelin is a writer and journalist, living since many years in Italy. She has followed pope Franciskus since he was elected, and has written a very interesting biography. We become familiar with his background, ideas, career until he became the pope. From there she has looked into his actions and beliefs and presents a man that comes out as very humble, interesting in people and in the church. Wishing to be there for everyone and not being afraid to speak out in various questions.

Ord av kärlek (Words of love): A small book I received for Christmas, all about love. Poems, quotes and thoughtful ideas about love. A good way to end the reading of the year.

Now I am looking forward to a new reading year. I am still thinking on how to choose which books to read. Where do I want to go with my reading? Apart from lowering my TBR shelves, I would like to read new books, books you all talk about. I also want to choose books from my "To Read" list which is getting longer and longer, without any of them being read. I want to read different genres, Fiction and Non-Fiction. Let's see if my word for the year SPARKLE will help me choose well for 2017.


  1. Hi Lisbeth and thanks for coming to Marmelade Gypsy. I think I would find the book about the pope fascinating and Winston Graham is always good. I've never read that far into the Poldark.

    Thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy -- I look forward to a new year of online friendship and book talk!

    1. Thank you Jeanie, always a pleasure. I am pursuing the Poldark series to be ahead of the TV-series, which I just love. I read the two first books many years ago, but really enjoy the rest of them as well.
      Have a good 2017 reading year.

  2. I'm interested in Chekov...one of the Russians I've not read, and I love a good short story. I'm reading Isak Dinesen's Seven Gothic Tales right now. Very good.