Monday, 23 January 2017

A visit to the furniture fair in Cologne

On Saturday morning we took the car to drive just over two hours to Köln (Cologne). The last week saw the yearly furniture fair there, and this was the first time we went there. Great fun, as always, visiting fairs, where the theme is interesting to you. We have earlier visited the Boat fair in Düsseldorf, the Book Fair in Frankfurt and now it was time to look as some furniture and be inspired.

Hugh halls that displayed furniture from all over the world. It was just to walk around, trying out and be inspired by the variety of designs. Some really great furniture to go into the future. The theme this year was kitchens and this was really interesting. So many new gadgets that you don't need! But great to have. I got quite interested in a fan that is built in, in the ceramic stove and makes the fumes go downwards rather than upwards. A burner in the shape of a wok rather than flat. Just to place you wok there and the heat will go up along the sides.

Here are some ideas to consider.

If you want to have a pool table, but don't have the space? Why not combine it with the dining table? Just to turn the top when you feel like a game!

Or why not combine your dining table to play table tennis?

Do you have old chairs you don't use any more? Why not paint them and hang them in the ceiling?

You have some left over copper pipes? Why not make them into lamps?

You don't know where to put your bike? Here is a suggestion.

You think the muscles in your stomach are getting soft and the six-pack of your buddy is not there anymore? Well, you can always buy a cupboard like this one. Just to remember what once was!

Now, it is time to reflect on everything we saw and see if we can come up with some nice designs in our own home.

What about you? Do you like going to fairs? If so, which kind of fairs do you enjoy?

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  1. Yes I like fairs but more around books, travel, markets. There look to be some interesting designs in this furniture fair. It is always fun to see what others come with in their ideas. Fun post. Travellin Penguin