Sunday, 14 February 2016

New challenges coming my way!

I know I said I will not accept any more challenges this year. Especially, since as soon as I promise to read certain books they seem to shy away from me! Yes, it is true. They become the last books I want to read. However, having entered into a cleaning up procedure at home with the help of Marie Kondo and her The life-changing magic of tidying I seem to see my TBR book cases in a new light. The books are standing there and shouting: Read me! Read me! when I look at them. Yes, it is really some kind of magic.

So, today I had a very nice, relaxed day and had time to catch up with a few other blogs. And what do I find? Yes, you are right, a lot of interesting reading challenges. However, being firm in my promise (yes, I can be firm sometimes!) I entered only challenges that for the most part will reduce my TBR shelves.

For an update, go to my TBR shelves.


  1. That is the same thing that happened to me when I did Marie Kondo clean up. I wanted to read everything. It didn't last long though. I still want to buy boks.

  2. I think we can never really stop buying books. But, I am more open to only keep the books I really love and care about. In that way there will be space for these books, and the ones we don't care so much about can go to someone else, who might appreciate them more! I think this is in the spirit of Marie Kondo!