Sunday, 14 February 2016

Kondo-Marie Method continuing, podcasts and reading!

I have just recovered from the worst stomach flu I ever had. Was totally knocked out for two days. Recovering is just like coming back to life! The good thing is that I could not do much, hardly read, so I finally started to listen to the podcasts by Simon at "Stuck in a Book" and Rachel at "Book Snob" called "Tea or Books". It is wonderful to listen to, and a lot of views on various books and writers. Very interesting indeed. I am now on podcast no 7. They can be downloaded from iTunes or podcast app of your choice. A real treat!

I have finished a couple of books since last time and there will be a review next on "The Almost Nearly Perfect People - Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia by Michael Booth. I have also started a book for the challenge "What's in a Name" hosted by 'Wormhole', namely the first on the list; a title with a country in it. I will choose all the books for this challenge from my TBR shelves (my biggest challenge this year is to reduce a lot from there!) and the first is "The Knights Templar in Britain" by Evelyn Lord. Review will come. Being me, I also started on Tracy Chevallier's "The Lady and the Unicorn". I don't know yet if it fits into any challenge except reducing my TBR shelves.

Before - mix of read and non-read
 (sorry for the sunshine, must have been the
only time it was shining lately!)
After. Fiction three left columns and
non-fiction right column.
I just wanted to share with you my continuation of practising the Kondo-Marie Method, this time on my books (see earlier post). I have four bookcases in our study/guest room/library, two was partly overfilled with TBR books and the other two had files and other things in them. After putting everything out of the book shelves, I re-organised things a bit, and back into the book cases came; two with books I have read, where I separated fiction and non-fiction, and the other two with books to read. I might not have to tell you that the latter two book cases are now filled out, but there is space in the book cases of books read! Partly because I have given away around 100 books! Yes, it is difficult, but I must say I felt a certain relief afterwords. Counting books from the TV-room, which were more art books and other thematic, big books with pictures and text, I probably sorted out another 100! As Marie says; take the book in your hand and be honest to yourself. Will you read this book again? I even gave away some books that I have not read, but realised I never will read! That is a huge confession from my side!

What do you feel about podcasts? I have never listened to any before, but after this first try I think I will become a fan. Especially if you are out walking and want to listen to something. Or even cleaning at home, it seems a perfect thing for multi tasking! I will certainly look for other interesting podcasts, and if you have something to recommend, please drop a line in the comment box or send me an e-mail.

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