Monday, 25 January 2016

the life-changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo

I got hold of this popular book the other week. Many of you have read it and it has got good reviews.
I am always in for good advice how to tidy up at home, so I did not think twice when I saw it in the book store. Of course, thinking of my TBR shelves and her advice to get rid of most of your books, maybe it was not such a good idea to buy it? And, when she starts talking about throwing out books...hmm!

Well, her philosophy is not that bad. She means that we should enjoy the things we have, and, if we have too many things, we don't have time to enjoy them all. Furthermore, you don't always know what you have in all your cupboards and drawers. Her motto is; just have the necessary things that give you joy and give them a place of their own in your home. Thank them for what they are doing for you and you will have a harmonious home.

Very good indeed. There seemed a little bit of repetition through the book, but I think it gives you the idea what she really means and how she goes about her life. She started tidying when she was only five years old and she has continued ever since. Now she has made it her business and she advices people how to de-clutter their houses. It seems she is quite successful, and has happy clients.

Why not I thought. I start right away, while I have her advices fresh in my mind. I don't think I can ever de-clutter as much as she wants, and I somehow imagine all her clients living in a deserted flat or house with nothing inside. But I guess it is not all that bad.

I started out with two book cases in the TV room, while watching Australian Open in tennis. Always good to do multi tasking...right? You should really start with your clothes. It seems it is important in which order you do the things, but...I started with the books. Not bad as a first exercise, since I got rid of more than half of the dvd:s and about 100 books! Yes, I did not believe it. I have a lot of these big books with pictures on various subjects like art, travel, films etc. To be honest, I don't look in them that often, so they had to go. I saved some for sentimental reasons, those who reminds me of the different countries I have been living in. It seems that once you start to be practical about your books, you can throw them out. Some of them I will take to the Bookswapping day on Wednesday. Here is how it looked, before (före) and after (efter).

It might not look revolutionary, but I moved quite a lot of books  from the library to here. This will definitely make it easier to go through the four book cases there (maybe tomorrow?).

By this time I was really warmed up so I also attacked one of my two wardrobes. I took out all the clothes, lingerie and everything else inside, put it on the bed...

...which was filled up completely. From there some things went to the bin and in the end, 2 bags will go to the clothes collecting station.  Was I pleased? Yes indeed. Her advice to roll  the clothes and put them vertically, rather than folding them and put them in piles, was a good advice. Although it did not work very well for me, since I have no drawers, just shelves, and most of the clothes did not stand up by themselves. I laid them side by side instead. It was not perfect, but will have to do for now. Maybe in the future I will buy small boxes and put them in. Unbelievably there was now so much space in the wardrobe, and I could easily fit in the things...and there is still space left! Another positive thing is that you have an overview of what you have when everything is visible. Pullovers, t-shirts and such things lying at the bottom of the pile tend to be forgotten.

I had socks, pantyhoses and tights in three different boxes, and now they all (almost) fitted into this one. I could not believe how many sport socks I have. Someone seeing them must think I am a professional sport person!

 What a magic day it was with the KonMarie Method!

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