Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ketchup reading!

If you have looked at my reading for January you will discover that there are no books on the list so far! Having read 16 books in December it does stress me a little bit. In moments like this I go for ’ketchup reading’. You know the ketchup glass bottles. You can’t squees them so you have to hit the bottom to get the ketchup out. You hit and hit and nothing comes. And…oops! There it comes all at once!
The Content Reader

That is why I call my present state for ketchup reading. I am reading, not only one book at the time (as usual), both several. I guess that mean that all of a sudden I will have finished not one book but several. Let’s see what I am reading for the moment.

  • Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy (for Brontë Reading Group and we meet on Monday so have to finish soon)
  • Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut (for another reading group who meet on Wednesday, but I will probably not be able to finish it so might not go)
  • The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco (Eco is not an easy read and I can only read small sections at the time)
  • Mrs Jordan’s Profession by Claire Tomalin (about actress Dora Jordan, mistress of the Duke of Clarence, later King William IV, with whom she had 7 children). Claire Tomalin is always a pleasure to read!
  • the life-changing magic of tidying by Maria Kondo (how to declutter your life and live happily ever after!)
  • Our Man in Havanna by Graham Greene (a classic novel).
  • The Almost Nearly Perfect People - Behind the myth of the Scandinavian utopia by Michael Booth (being Scandinavian myself it is always interesting with an outsiders view of your own area. Michael Booth is a journalist, married with a Danish and living in Denmark. Hilarious sometimes and I LOL!)
  • Selected Works of Alexander Pushkin (after reading a historical fiction about him (The Fourth King by Glen Petrie) I had to read some of his poems. Luckily I had such a book on my TBR shelves).

Here are eight books that I am currently changing between. I could probably find some more if I look further away from my bed table, but at least these are close at hand. I hope it means that I can finish them all before the end of the month! Hmm, we’ll see.

How are you doing with your reading in the beginning of the new year. It seems to me that most of you got off with a blast and have already read quite a few books. Well done!


  1. Jude the Obscure broke my heart in a million pieces. It was one of the most depressing book I've ever read, but I'd have loved to discuss it with the group - really miss our meetings!

    1. It is really depressing! But the discussion was absolutely fantastic. Everybody seemed to have their own ideas about the characters, the story and the fate of these poor people. We miss you in the discussions Alex.