Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Monthly reading in 2015

The Content Reader
Enjoying a good book on the beach
in Es Trenc, Mallorca
End of the year and looking on the reading statistics for 2015. As already mentioned I read 121 books this year, which is more than I have read during a year, since I started to blog. Looking at the number of books per month, it looks like this:

January: 7
February: 7
March: 8
April: 13
May: 14
June: 6
July: 9
August: 4
September: 9
October: 14
November: 14
December: 16

That shows that the autumn and winter months, at least in the end of the year, see more reading. Maybe because of bad weather and the fact that it is nice to cuddle up in the sofa corner and read a book. However, this should also have been the case for the first three months, but is not. Probably had other more pressing things to do. March and April saw a burst in reading, maybe me sitting outside in the sun and enjoying a good bok?

Summer is always busy with different things. My son being home from his studies in Sweden and then preparations for changing city for the autumn studies. End of August and beginning of September was spent in Sweden, so slightly less read than.

Well, all in all it was a good year for reading. I hope you are satisfied with your reading.

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