Thursday, 20 August 2015

Updating list of TBR books and discovering my books again

I am quite proud that I have read quite a few books from my TBR shelves so far this year. Checking out other bloggers TBR shelves I found a nice way of displaying them on Boklysten a Swedish blogger. So I set about to do the same. My TBR folder now contains all the books (not including e-books) in a list alphabetically by author. Once read I strikethrough the book. It makes a good overview I think. Beginning of January I will delete all read books and left is the remaining to be read.

The Content Reader

I find it interesting to do these kind of exercises from time to time. It sort of remind you of what you have on your shelves. Furthermore, some of the books you want to read right away, but they tend to be too many so you have to settle for one at a time. Although I tend to read several books at the same time!

I just added the latest collection of unread books, which were some I received from a friend who where moving and needed to get rid of old books. There are some classics and some newer books that are waiting to be read. It seems I have 249 books still to read! Of which I have read 23 so far this year. A long way to go! You can check it out here or go to 'TBR shelves' folder above.

How are you doing with your TBR shelves? Are they getting any thinner or are you, like me, adding books all the time.

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