Saturday, 15 August 2015

Most popular blog posts?

The Content Reader
Most popular blogging event
I started blogging in November 2012, just before I went into an early retirement. Obviously, the first feeble attempts of blogging were just feeble. With the years and inspired by the blogging community, your posts develop and varies (hopefully!). Here, let's say, three years later my my posts are more frequent and covers more than books, although books and reading are the two main ideas with this blog.

A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail from Pinterest with a summary of what the audience I have, most like to check out and pin. The areas were: Travel, Healthy Snacks and DIY Crafts! Travel I have and I do have boards for Decorating ideas and Cleaning, but Healthy Snacks? Did they really check out my boards?

The Content Reader
Miramar, Archduke Ludwig Salvator's home in Majorca

The boards I have are: The Content Reader (where I post pictures from my posts), Outlander (being a fan of both the books and the TV-series), Beautiful Book Stores (always a pleasure to look at pictures from such stores), Haworth and the Brontës (favourite writers and Haworth is a really nice place), Nature (where I post my own photographs), Clothes (dresses) from old times (always have loved these beautiful dresses from gone days), Blogging tips (always useful and there are so many, so difficult to remember them all), Cleaning (yes, I have become a cleaning tornado, doing my own detergents and feel very professional doing it), Decorating ideas (for a future apartment?). Not much to connect to Healthy Snacks and Crafts!

My idea with the blog is to write posts about subjects that I am interested in. In this way, I hope to find all of you out there who are interested in the same things. Some times you have an idea that a certain post will be more interesting the others, but when you look at the most popular posts, this is not always the case. Mind you, the list of popular posts are directly accessible, so that might make people click on them. I decided to check out which 5 posts per year have been most popular. I only have statistics back to 2014 so the list covers all of 2014 and until August of 2015. Here are the two lists:

The Content Reader

1. Archduke Ludwig Salvator and his Majorca
2. Paris in July - Paris was Yesterday, 1927 by Janet Flanner
3. Paris in July - Paris and Curry (A French reference to the book 'Curry - A Global History' by Colleen Taylor Sen)
4. The Search for Richard III - The King's Grave by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones
5. Paris in July - Paris was Yesterday, 1933-34 by Janet Flanner

The Content Reader2015

1. Jane Austen and Food by Maggie Lane
2. Poldark series; Ross, Demelza, Jeremy and Warleggan by Winston Graham
3. Future Learn - England in the time of Richard III
4. Paris in July - My French Dinner
5. Paris in July 2015 - introduction

A very quick summary shows that Paris in July month, this year hosted by Tamara at Thyme for Tea, gathers the most interest. This is also my favourite blogging event, so it makes sense. I am also happy to see four posts on history or historical novels with Archduke Salvator in Majorca (this is really a big happy surprise!), references to Richard III and the Poldark books. The rest are left for food with Jane Austen, Paris and Curry and My French Dinner.

The overall most popular posts are Jane Austen and Food, Poldark, Archduke Salvator and Paris in July with Paris was Yesterday, year 1927.

The Content Reader
Appetisers for my French Dinner!

Do you have any indications on what is most popular on your blog?


  1. I often visit your blog since discovering it via Paris in July, an event I really enjoyed partly because it did let me discover so many great new blogs. I have a BlogSpot blog like yours and I know I have a statistics function that gives some monitoring but I haven't really used it, I am afraid I would discover that I am the only person that looks at my blog.
    Just looked at some of your popular posts and discovered we have a lot in common, I also did the life in the time of Richard III MOOC last year and had a ball with it. I found I spent a lot more time on it then the recommended time, following links to articles and videos put up by others it was great. I particularly liked the week on books of the time. I also have a fascination with the character of Richard III, I blame Josephine Tey and Sharon Penman. I also have a fondness for the Poldark novels, I was still in primary school many years ago when the first tv series based on the novels was around and my Mum was a big fan which is how I first came to read those novels. I was really much too young but i think they were the first adult novels I read. I have really enjoyed the new dramatization and have been seriously thinking about re-reading the novels.
    I also note you have an interest in Haworth and the Brontes, me too, am I right in assuming that Wuthering Heights is your favourite of their works?

    1. Dear Arabella, I happy to 'talk' to a fellow Richard III fan. I really liked the course. I also visited Leicester in April this year (there is a post about it on my blog). It was really great to see it all after the course. The lady guarding the hall where the grave is where they found him, had also taken the course. A joint interest brings us all together which is one positive thing about blogging.
      I find out little by little, how to handle the blog. I have enabled Google Analytics, and I don't know if it is that, that makes me see the number of visitors on the 'all post' view. But it was an interesting exercise.

      I really love the Poldark books. Read at least two when I was younger, but now downloaded the four first one. I am going to read the others as well, but I know if I download them, other books will not be read!

      As for Brontës go, I am definitely a Wuthering Heights fan. One of the best of the Brontë books, although I also like Jane Eyre and The Tenant at Wildfell Hall. I visited Haworth for the first time last year, and it was great. We have here in Brussels a 'Brussels Brontë Group' and there are events two-three times a year. We also have a Reading Group where we read, not only Brontës, but also other 19th century literature. If you are interested you can find out more on and
      or why don't you join our Facebook group (search for the Brussels Brontë Group).
      I am reading you blog on Feedly, so will keep in touch. I loved you review of the 'Forger' book. Sounds very interesting.