Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Weekly haberdashers!

I love the word haberdasher. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I see this as a small old fashioned shop with a little bit of everything. I suppose it is mostly connected to sewing and everything that goes with it (unfortunately, it does not at all go with me, I am hopeless with a needle and thread), but I use it freely and include books and other things into it.

I have just finished two books. One I actually won on a creativity web-site in Sweden, called in my own translation Creativity without fuss by Stefan Ekberg. It is about creative people, going into business, but I think a lot of it is also applicable on myself and my blogging.

The other one is one I have been reading for a long time, a non-fiction called Kalmarunionen by Lars-Olof Larsson, about the Kalmarunion. It was a union between Denmark, Norway and Sweden that lasted from 1397 - 1523, although it seems it was nevertheless most fighting wars than understanding.

Talking about fighting wars, leads me into the big event taking place in Waterloo, outside Brussels, the next couple of days. It is the bicentenary celebration (if one may put it like that) of the battle of Waterloo, which took place on 18 June, 1815. There will be an re-enactment of the battle, of which I am lucky to have a ticket. I am going with a group from the Brontë Society in England and the Brussel's Brontë group. The connection here is that the Brontë sister's big hero was the Duke of Wellington, so there will be a talk as well.

I have also finished Waterloo, A Guide to the Battlefield by David Howarth and will come back with a small review of that one. And of course... a review from the events on Saturday. I am a little bit split about events like this, since I do not like war and battles. As Wellington put it when he rode around the battlefield in the evening: 'A victory is the greatest tragedy in the world, except a defeat.'

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