Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bike, Read and Bookswapping

Yesterday was a busy, bookie day! Weather has turned nice, warm and sunny. I perfect day for a bike ride through the forest, down to the next village of Terveuren. There is a huge park, with lovely ponds and birds. I stopped there to sit on a bench in the sun and read The City of Fallen Angels by John Berendt.

In the evening I went to the book swapping club which celebrated its 5th anniversary. Lots of people, a wonderful singer-songwriter, Sandra Ferretti, accompanied by guitarist Daniel Vincke, who entertained us with popular music. Both I and my friend Karin managed to convince our husbands to come as well. We took this opportunity to try out the food in the restaurant and found a table outside! Yes, for once this year we could sit outside.  We had a lovely meal of Cevapcici and a wonderful red Macedonian Merlot wine.

For the book swapping I had brought four books and got three with me back home. Mind you the 'Berlin' book was chosen by my husband. We intend to go there for a weekend, so this guide book will come in handy.

The Book of Salt by Monique Truong I took to read for Paris in July. It "takes the reader on a strange journey, from Indochina to Paris, as the Vietnamese cook for Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas reveals his own fascinating story...". Sounds intriguing I think. What do you think? Anybody who has read it?

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