Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tell Him About It by Holly Kinsella

The name of Holly Kinsella sounds familiar, but I have never read anything by her. So when Endeavour Press asked if I wanted to review a couple of books, I choose this as one of them. I had a notion that it would be an easy, light hearted read.

Tell Him About It tells the story of Sara Sharpe who works as a publicity assistant for a big British publisher. She is sharp(!) and interested in her job, which is more that can be said by some of her colleagues. Sara is dating Simon, who is a successful lawyer and everybody expects them to marry. However, Sara is not sure that Simon is the right for her.

Adam Cooper is a writer who has just published a new book. It falls on Sara to take care of him and arrange for a lecture and signing tour. Adam is newly divorced from a socialite, who has spread bad things about him in the press. First impression seems to be true, but Sara discovers something else under the surface.

I probably do not have to tell you how this story ends? This is what I think people call a 'feel good' novel. It is framed by some 'insight' into the publishing world, adding something from the gossip world and coming to the conclusion, that what really matters, is the quiet life at home with the person you love! Well, I think we can all agree to that.

It makes for a few hours of relaxed reading, and it is not badly written. It works as a break in between more serious books.

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