Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday bliss!

At last a sunny, rather warm day. Another bike tour this morning to villages in the neighbourhood. We stopped at a farmhouse, which has a shop and café, and enjoyed an ice cream in the sun.

The place was nicely decorated with different kind of pumpkins (see picture below).

Just a short break and then we continued to Ottenburg and Wavre, on the way back to Overijse. Lovely weather, and being Belgium, a lot of bikers on the way. And being Sunday, not that many cars.

I was really tired in the end of the tour, especially in the legs. We have a very long, tough road uphill to come back home. I hardly made it with my turbo level of the bike. Luckily Martin is in a better condition, but even he had to walk up part of the way. He does not have an e-bike!


Feel really good now. With a good conscience I can now lie down and read a nice book. As usual I am on several books at the same time. I can choose between a history book about the Kalmar union in the 14th century, Barbara Erskine's Daughters of Fire, about time travelling and two parallell stories in the celtic world and today. The other option is an historical fiction about Charlotte Brontë by Lynne Reid Banks. I read and reviewed her The Dark Quartet about the Brontë sisters recently (review here). I liked it very much, so I have also big hopes about this one.

I still have a few lessons to do in my on-line course of Richard III and am now waiting for a 'webinar' about writing. For tonight I am eagerly anticipating the first episode of the new BBC series 'Poldark', based on the books by Winston Graham. Read them when I was younger and really loved them. The trailer is promising another good series.

Sundays are really quite good day! What do you think? How are you spending your Sundays?

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