Saturday, 7 March 2015

New goals for a healthy life!

My husband tells me I can not only read books. I have to do some exercise as well! Realising that he has a point there, I have - today, when we went biking for the first time in ages - set a goal for my exercises. I will bike at least 100 km a week. That should get me into shape and hopefully later on I can extend it. Just a reminder! I have an e-bike, and biking is so much more fun. Maybe not entirely due to the e-bike, but due to a new, proper bike. Here is a first proof of my good intentions.

With the battery comes a screen with useful information, that tells me everything I do. No getting away from it here. Today's tour generated 23.5 km in 1h15min! We broke for lunch in between in the huge park of Tervueren. My maximal speed was 43 km! Can you imagine? However, the average was 18.8 km.

Lunch plate, but no eating the bread!
A terrace with a view!

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